Grace James is BACK!

Well, it has been an interesting number of years. Many, many challenges have been thrown in our way but Grace James will be back in Sept 2023.

Between Covid, postal strikes, lack of supplies, inflation, sky high mortgage rates and interesting food bills, it's amazing that small businesses have survived (just about). On a personal level, throw in a chronic disease and a major operation at the start of 2023 just to really stir things up..... Anyhooo, I'm ready just to move on and move up. 

We will be back full time in September ready to cut plenty of Liberty fabrics and beautiful Irish Linens. On the list this year are velvet Christmas stockings, personalised fluffy dressing gowns and so much more. 

We hope you can join and support us through social media by liking post, tags and shares. 

Open on the last week of August for pre orders.